Make right by everyone involved,

To ensure relevance and resolve.

Effectivity, creativity and speed,

Process, operation fulfill the need.


Relevance Training Network, is in the business of keeping teams relevant.

We do this in following ways.

1. Keeping teams up to speed, by doing 1 week customized technical trainings via our pool of trainers.

2. Making sure more operators on the ground, by doing needs analysis the week before and operations integrations training the week after.

Another service Relevance does is game aided trainings.

Here’s a video of Esteamate a game we made to train developers estimations.

We can convert existing soft skills training into game aided training curriculums. We do this by either looking for games to teach the skill or creating customized games. The advantages are higher engagement, shorter train times and higher learn rates.

Advisory Board

RJ David

Jonathan Lansangan

Marthyn Cuan

Leigh Reyes

Amy Martinez